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About Us is a travel portal made in India as an initiative of make in India project to cater all the travel needs of the individuals, corporates and tourists.  Competitive tariff pricing in all the flight tickets, hotel reservation and holiday packages in both domestic and international. We the Kilometresandmiles sell the travel product and services to the tourists and business travelers. As a B2C travel solution provider, we build a good relationship with our customers and always wanting to provide the best services related to all the travel products and services we sell. We understand our customer’s requirement perfectly and always there to fulfil their needs. We create the trust and good relationship with our customers. Welcome to the one stop shop for all your travel needs, the As a B2B travel products and services supplier, we understand the requirements of our clients travel needs and offer the tailor made solution for all the travel needs. We support our clients 24/7 and be with them towards all their travel plan. We always take an extra mile to satisfy all our B2B clients. We welcome all the B2B clients to our B2B travel products ans services. Any companies can rely in us, when it comes to travel solution, when you had given us job to take care of all your company travel needs, we make sure that all the requests and bookings have been taken care and fulfilled. We ensure a smooth and perfect services rendered by us. Let’s travel together by supporting each others business and reach the destiny of success. Your travel partner of your business the We offer the best deals on the travel products and services. Make as your travel partner.